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Collaboration & Open Source for Cites


Calling All Baltimore Area University Students

Join Us for a Special

Baltimore Hackathon

Smart Cities Start with Smart Neighborhood Centers

We Focus On

St. Francis Neighborhood Center

in West Baltimore

Sept 13-15


Johns Hopkins University

Homewood Campus

Applications Now Open


Meet our Keynote Guest

Silona Bonewald

VP Community Architecture


NEW St. Francis Logo.png 1.png





Step 1 Team:

1a. Students Select Teams Of Up To 4 Students,

1b. Teams Members Can Include Up To Half  Non-Coders


Step 2 Tooling:

2a. Students Setup Their Collaboration Tools:  Slack, SourceForge, Github  

Step 3 Select Challenge:

Select The Baltimore City Challenge Topic Of Your Choice From Our List

Or Bring Your Own Challenge.

Our list selected in collaboration with St. Francis Neighborhood Center

Step 4 Select Professional Civic Software:

Select the Open Source Civic Software Package to Use:

Lutece, CHAOS, Civic Foundation, Eclipse IoT, Hyperledger,

Open Referral / MD-211, OpenGemeenten

Step 5 Pitch The Judges On Your Comprehensive Plan

Our judges are the board member of St. Francis Community Center.


Code a Demo (use anything you want)

Use your team to answer how your solution will work for 

St Francis Neighborhood Students & West Baltimore Community


Be sure to tell us how your solution is:

is scalable to other cities,

protects privacy,

provides security,

increases access,

protect against bias,

is culturally aware,

increases minority participation,

is sustainable

(Non-Coders This Is Where We Need You!)

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