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All sectors of the Baltimore Washington MidAtlantic regional economy are tied to computation and to today's ever expanding Open Source innovation engines and industry collaboration systems.  These sectors are increasingly relying on, and shifting to, Open Source code, Open Source and InnerSource methodologies, and open collaboration.

Baltimore Washington Open Source recognizing the strategic importance Open Source, InnerSource and Municipal Source plays to the region and the innovation engines they supports in many global economic sectors.  We offer a curated week where targeted Open Source style collaboration can occur across these sectors via:  Education & Outreach, Mentorship, Leadership Summits, Networking, Working Groups, and Community formation.


Baltimore Washington Open Source recognizes the strategic importance of Baltimore to the MidAtlantic region, and recognizes  the unrealized partnership potential Baltimore has to Open Source, InnerSoruce and undoubtedly to Municipal Source.  All curated events happen in Baltimore.

"Doing Open Source" is the art and science of collaboration.

Baltimore Washington Open Source is simply where "doing open source" gets done.

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